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Thursday, May 18, 2006

First Human in Moon !! Amstrong speaks the truth

Man On The Moon - True story On July 20, 1969, the human race accomplished its single greatest technological achievement of all time when a human first set foot on another celestial body. From blast off to splash down, take a memorable moon journey that, still today, commands a raving roving review. Six hours after landing at 4:17 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (with less than 30 seconds of fuel remaining), Neil A. Armstrong took the “Small Step” into our greater future when he stepped off the Lunar Module, named “Eagle,” onto the surface of the Moon, from which he lookep up and found a malayalee chandra ettan's Chaya kada - He had one omlet , a Cup of tea and a Dinesh beedi.

Payyambalam Beach - Kannur

Kerala style.....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Indian engineer killed on Pakistan’s order: Taliban

Indian engineer killed on Pakistan’s order: Taliban
New Delhi, May 14In a surprising development in the killing incident of Indian engineer K. Suryanarayan in Afghanistan last month, a Taliban commander has claimed that the Hyderabad-based engineer was killed on the direction of Pakistan. Zabul province Commander of Taliban revealed this in an interview to a private Afghan television, Tolo TV.
Suryanarayan, who was working for a Bahraini company, Al Moayed, on a telecom project in Afghanistan, was abducted on April 28 in Zabul province on the main highway linking the capital Kabul to the southern city of Kandahar, birthplace of the Taliban movement, and was later beheaded on April 30.
Following his killing, Afghanistan’s rebel Taliban outfit had said that Suryanarayan was killed while he was trying to escape.
The killing of Suryanarayan was the third incident in the past four months wherein an Indian has been targeted in Afghanistan.
The Taliban abducted Maniappan R Kutty, a Border Road Organisation jawan and engaged in building of the Zaranj-Delaram highway, four months ago.
Three days after Kutty’s kidnapping, his body was found in Kandahar province.
In February this year, Indian engineer Bharath Kunmar, working with a Turkish firm, was killed in a bomb blast in Farah province.
Indian doctors working in various hospitals in Afghanistan have also received threats from the Taliban, ousted from power in 2002.
New Delhi has taken up the issue of security of all Indians working in Afghanistan with Kabul at the highest level. The matter was also discussed when Afghan President Hamid Karzai when he visited Delhi earlier this month.
Meanwhile, a report from Islamabad rejects the Taliban’s claim that Suryanarayan was killed at the behest of ISI.
Refuting the allegation, the country’s Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, in an interview with an Indian TV channel this afternoon, is learnt to have said that ISI was “not involved in the killing” and that Islamabad was ready to “clarify the matter with New Delhi”. — ANI

New reservation policy from Arjun Singh[Kaliyug Ka Arjun]

The caste system in India has a history as old as 2000 yrs, the same old system perhaps still persist very dominantly in India-may be the relevance has changed- but how many of us have not filled the coloumn of Caste in our matriculation certificate- I can say proudly my matriculation certificate does not carry my caste identity-it bears a “—“ to the Qn. only bcos I persisted to remain the same to my then class teacher, just bcos I felt much identifiable with the other details like blood group, father’s name,address , nationality etc, I admit at that stage I cudnt free myself from the Qns of religion and in a wider sense nationality, bcos I think both of them shud carry the same answer “Hindu”. The 2000 yr old system is widely encouraged by the Govt. and its policies (where is the exclamation mark on keyboard), opposing the economically under privileged getting equal opportunity. The latest buzz on this is that the UPA govt is awaiting cabinet approval for 25 % additional quota in central educational institutes like AIIMS,IIT. The real solution must have been increasing the no. of such institutions. Instead our political leadership has gone after pessimistic view on vote bank politics. These can be viewed as a cunning movement of Mr.Arjun Singh and his party to increase its influence and electoral appeal irrespective to the cost to society. Looking at the mere fact that we have to increase reservation after 60 yrs of independence says that the system of reservation is itself faulty. Iam also not running away from the fact that for generations some castes were suppressed by the said upper class, but the case is just not the same nowadays. Do u want son of an IAS officer getting the privilege of the said under privileged?? So now the basis shud be economic not caste, we must build a meritocracy not a caste-ocracy. A proposal to reserve jobs is also in its way to the cabinet approval.. Great leaders can change the nation but self serving politicians like Arjun Singh can scar a country forever- Unfortunately India had many such. Will he be ready to amend the constitution to bring 50-75% reservation in Parliament?. The pity is that no party has raised against the bill nor have given support to the striking students, except Shiv Sena. BJPs and Sangh Parivar’s stand in this matter is clear from onwards 1989 elections as they were carrying “ECONOMIC RESERVATION” in their election manifestos except in last election {bcos they fought as an alliance), Dalits,SCs,OBCs who have been denied opportunities in the past definitely need help from the rest of the society and the politicians, there must be a sound system which will allow every one of them to get equal opportunities , the extend to which is definitely a matter of debate, an education up to highr secondary must provide adequate equality in the minds of them, I have seen a application format containing the Qn—Whether u belong to any of these categories-physically handicapped,SC,ST—the qn itself make the feeling of unequal- we say all thru our constitution that we are secular,, is this secularism?? Dividing each and everyone on the basis of Caste and creed?? A super power cannot be built on the foundation of a divided society. For that the Govts will need to think out of the ballot box. The definition of Under privileged must be revised first. It shud give priority to the factors like economic status rather than considering under privileged just on the basis of birth. Every child from under served communities shud be drawn to the mainstream by proper edn not by making him more weak by giving him what he wants,,make him struggle to get what he wants,make him a fighter not a beggar. Struggle shud be between the “haves” and the “non haves” (little communism), as said by cheguvera—“Hands which struggle to raise and tongues which lazes to talk are those of slaves”,,, so every one who feel the context here is relevant to the social movement talk with ur tongue,, don’t feel that these are all matters which donot affect us,, may be we have escaped from these things but our generations will definitely suffer if we hasted to speak it out. As said by somebody “ all it needs for the evil to win is for the good men doing nothing”

Inspired from the interview with Azim Premji- abt reservations.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Mummy on the Titanic

The Mummy on the Titanic

With the increased interest in the story of the sinking of the Titanic, an old tale of a mummy's curse has resurfaced. According to one version,
A sarcophagus of an ancient Egyptian king was being smuggled to America by an unscrupulous art dealer. The art dealer was going to sell it to a noted museum in New York for $500,000.00. He would then split the booty with the thieves that ransacked the cave of this Egyptian king.
It seems that the god, Anubis, was not pleased with this whatsoever. It seems that Egyptian Gods don't like having their earthly remains sold to the highest bidder. In retaliation for this ghastly of dirty deeds Anubis sunk the Titanic, and the mummy went to the bottom of the sea to finally have it's resting place.

In some of the stories, the mummy is not that of a king, but of a priestess, or princess, of Amen-Ra. In other stories, the mummy was rescued in a lifeboat and once it arrived in New York, anyone who came near it fell under its curse. In one version, the mummy made an attempted return to Egypt on the ship The Empress of Ireland -- which sank -- and then made a second attempt . . . aboard the Lusitania!
Philipp Vandenberg wrote of the curse in his dubious tome The Curse Of The Pharaohs (1973; p. 186):
On board the Titanic were 2,200 passengers, 40 tons of potatoes, 12,000 bottles of mineral water, 7,000 sacks of coffee, 35,000 eggs -- and an Egyptian mummy that Lord Canterville wanted to take from England to New York.

The mummy was the carefully prepared body of a prophetess who had enjoyed a great vogue during the reign of Amenhotep IV, the heretic pharaoh who took the name Ikhnaton. Her grave had been found in Tel el-Amarna. A small temple had been built for this prophetess, the "Temple of the Eyes."
The female mummy had been equipped with the usual amulets and artifacts. An amulet with the inscription Awake from the swoon in which you sleep and a glance of your eyes will triumph over everything that is done against you had been placed beneath her head. Was this the hint that the remains of the prophetess enjoyed special protection?
The mummy was encased in a wooden crate and, because of its value, had not been placed in the hold of the Titanic but behind the command bridge. Many scientists who handled mummies showed clear signs of mental derangement. Did Captain Smith, too, look into those fatal radiant eyes? Could he, too, have been the curse's victim?
Charles Pellegrino added more details to the event in Unearthing Atlantis (1991; pp. 298-299), his book that he desperately wanted to be taken seriously:
In 1910, the British Egyptologist Douglass Murray is said to have been among the next to feel the curse [of Queen Hatshepsut]. An American treasure hunter approached him in Cairo, offering for sale one of several portions of Hatshepsut's multilayered mummy case. The American died before he could cash Murray's check. Three days later, Murray's gun exploded, blowing off most of his right hand. What remained turned gangrenous, requiring amputation of the entire arm at the elbow. En route to England with the sarcophagus, he received word via wireless telegraph that two of his closest friends and two of his servants had died suddenly. Upon arrival in England, he began to feel superstitious, and left Hatshepsut's case in the house of a girlfriend who had taken a fancy to it. The girlfriend soon came down with a mysterious wasting disease. Then her mother died suddenly. Her lawyer delivered the sarcophagus back to Murray, who promptly unloaded it on the British Museum. The British Museum already had more sarcophagi than it needed. Not so, the American Museum of Natural History in New York; so a trade was arranged for Montana dinosaur bones. Before the deal was complete, the British Museum's director of Egyptology and his photographer were dead. Queen Hatshepsut was beginning to lose her charm. The curators loaded the sarcophagus into a crate and saw it lowered into the hold of a ship. And on April 10, 1912, the ship sailed -- Southampton to New York. Hatshepsut departed for America on the Titanic.

Some sources say that this legend originated in the press just days following the disaster -- indeed, it appeared in the newspapers of the time. But it may have been concocted on the decks of the ship itself. One of the ship's passengers, William Thomas Stead (pictured right), was not only a journalist but also a believer in mysticism and spiritualism, and a frequenter of mediums. Before the trip, Stead had been warned by a spiritualist friend, one Mr. Penny, not to make the ocean journey as the ship was destined for disaster. He relayed this information to several people over dinner on the third night of the Titanic's voyage, and he embellished the story with an earlier tale of a mummy's curse associated with a "mummy's case" on exhibit at the British Museum (and currently held by that museum, #22542, pictured below [Photo © copyright The British Museum]).

After the ship sank (Stead perished with the ship), some of the surviving listeners who had been present at Stead's table repeated the tale, which by then had likely been exaggerated and distorted to better fit the situation. Whether by faulty memory, emotional melodramatization, or outright deception, a mummy, rather than a coffin-lid, had soon been placed aboard the Titanic, rather than in the halls of a faraway museum, and a legend was born, a legend that was to be built upon as time progressed. A cursory check of the details of the story will yield no verifying facts -- there was no mummy aboard the Titanic.
The so-called cursed "mummy case," actually a wooden "mummy-board" or inner lid of a coffin (EA 22542), can currently be found in Room 62 of the British Museum. The lid is from Thebes and, judging by its shape and the style of its decoration, dates to the end of the 21st or the beginning of the 22nd Dynasty. Some of the earlier British Museum publications described the lid as belonging to a "priestess of Amen-Ra" based on the presumption that a woman of rank would have necessarily been employed by the temple dedicated to this god. Donated by Mrs. Warwick Hunt of Holland Park, London (on behalf of Mr. Arthur F. Wheeler) in July 1889, it went on display at the museum the following year. The mummy-board was packed away for safety's sake during World Wars I and II, but, with the exception of a brief journey to Australia in 1990, has never left the museum. Tales of a curse associated with the mummy-board still persist, despite the fact that any evidence is wholly lacking.

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Part of the famous Malabar region, Kannur has historically always been in the thick of action. Kollathiri Rajas, Pazhassi Rajas, Ali Rajas, The Portuguese, The Dutch, The French, The British, then the freedom struggle etc are all part of its history. Forts, Temples, Beaches and the temple festivals make Kannur worth visiting.